Global Experience


Trackmobile has been serving the International Community since 1950, with over 2,000 machines in more than 62 countries. Our machines operate in many of the most austere environments on Earth; ranging from the artic regions to extreme desert applications. Our success rate and minimal "down-time" make us the clear choice. We have earned this success rate by means of our durability and by tailoring our machines to meet your specific application.


Our current machine line-up offers the option for the widest variation of rail axle gauges in the market; from 1000 mm - 1676 mm gauges. We also offer dual-gauge capabilities. This translates into a machine platform that is flexible enough to be modified for rail gauges in countries from Russia to Brazil.


Did you know that we offer virtually any coupler style, or coupler combination that you need? We offer many of the most common couplers from around the world.

Some examples are:

  • AAR
  • SA-3
  • UIC (Hook and Buffer style)
  • Various Metro Train type couplers

If you require a unique style of coupler, ask us if we can do it!


In addition to offering the flexibility of various rail gauge sized axles and coupler styles, we also offer two different railwheel profiles.

  • UIC
  • AAR


We are not new to metro transportation systems. In fact, we have over 100 machines currently working in various metro systems, worldwide.

Are tunnels and other structures a concern? Do you have tight or low height clearances? We have a product that was designed just for you. The Hercules Full Width Cab. At just 2438 mm wide, the Hercules Full Width Cab is an ideal solution for your application.