Ergonomically Enhanced Operator's Cab

  • Height increased to 95th Percentile For Ergonomic Standards
  • 40% increase in cab space
  • Size optimized for heating and cooling efficiency

180 Swivel Air Ride Seat

  • Allows the operator to face their preferred direction of travel while at the same time giving them the capability of rotating and maintaining fingertip control of all the Trackmobile's primary functions.

Left and Right Armrest Controls

Operator Joystick

  • Effortless fingertip control of throttle, brake, transmission, horn, sanders, and coupler release

Coupler and Train Air Brake Control

  • 10 pound detented Train Brake joystick and Coupler Up/Down/Left/Right controls

Train Air Brake Hold

  • Allows for more precise Train Air Brake reductions between detents (Start/Stop control)

Train Air Charge Indicator

  • Flow meter for monitoring Railcar Reservoir status after brake pipe pressurization

Ingersoll-Rand 100 CFM Rotary screw-type Airend Compressor


  • High air output to charge multiple railcars as fast as their demand valves will allow and to maintain flow to multiple railcars to make up brake applications and leaks
  • Industrial grade Airend design built for 100% duty cycle, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year at maximum rpm.
  • Service life rated at more than 30,000 hours
  • Extended service intervals - Oil changes at an incredible 2,000 hours
  • Longer component life than reciprocating piston compressors
  • Lower operating temperatures than reciprocating compressors
  • Compact size but with high output

In-Cab Train Air Source Control

  • One less "Red Zone" responsibility for ground man and crew.

Hydraulic Lock Out

  • Disables hydraulics (except steering and service brakes) until operator unlocks system
  • Prevents unexpected operation or movement of hydraulic functions

Counter Balance Checks and Locking Valves

  • In the event of a hose failure while elevated onto road tires, check valves are present to maintain loss of pressure
  • Also assists the operator in reducing the railing of the machine to the operation of a single Roadwheels Up/Down Switch

Straightforward and rudimentary Rail Axle utilization

  • One piece cast housing
  • No steering components
  • Toe in/toe out permanent for life of the axle
  • Caster and camber permanent for life of the axle
  • A purely mechanical and modest system for remaining firmly mounted atop the railhead even years after initial install.
  • No programming or computer logic required to maintain full contact to the rail or to avoid derailments on less than to below average rail conditions
  • Brakes are external
    • No contamination of gear oil by brake debris and make inspection and replacement easy

Video-Max Visual Reference System

  • Standard rear coupler / backup camera
  • 3 additional outputs for extra camera locations

Industry Leading Coupler Beam Width

  • Allows for a more stress free negotiation and management of applications that contain the more extreme curve radius
  • Lessens the wear and tear on not only the equipment but the rail infrastructure itself, i.e. rail wheel flange and rail head wear

Titan Pivoting Mainframe

  • Maintains 4-point rail contact
  • Allows for rigid mount axles that provide extended life of the axle housing
  • Rapid and positive mechanical response to uneven track
  • Instantly equalizes Titan plus transferred weight among the 4 wheels

Titan Body Frame Air Suspension System

  • Cost-effective, durable shock resistant foundation for the Body Frame, Cab, and major components

Ring-Style Railwheels

  • Less railwheel mass to replace equals lower cost of ownership

Digital Instrumentation System - CAN BUS Control System

  • High visibility video display gauges
  • Warning and shutdown functions
  • Text information functions
  • On board diagnostics

Standard Amenities

  • 2 Large-Capacity Cup Holders
  • Utility Document and Personal Gear Tray