The Line CRAB 2100 E and 3100 E are electric railcar movers with an attached cab for operator safety, seating and comfort. They are designed primarily for working in factories, warehouses, and railway workshops.

Its mobility and compact size make these CRAB models the ideal equipment for moving railway rolling stock. The reduced curve radius of 8.37 ft. on the road and compact size allow them to enter and exit the tracks in a space of just over 6.6 ft.

Both the CRAB 2100 E and 3100 E can be equipped with a wide range of available options including, adaptable coupler types to meet specialty customer requirements.

CRAB 2100 E and 3100 E Model Features:

  • Move loads from 5,850 to 8,100 lbf. (depending upon model)
  • Safe, easy to use, and operate
  • Operates on rail and road
  • Extremely environmentally friendly with zero emissions
  • Fits standard AAR North American gauges and couplers
  • Cabin heater with control dial as standard equipment
  • Includes UL/CSA certified Plug Multi-Tension transformer
  • Hydraulic power brake system
  • Red and white directional signaling lights in rail mode
  • Exterior emergency stop buttons
  • Safety lock-out system to prevent start-up during charging
  • Programmable micro PLC and high efficiency inverters govern traction control
  • Hydraulic power steering front wheel
  • Low noise and onboard vibration
  • Low operation and maintenance costs


Available Options:

  • Hetronic™ Remote Control
  • Pin Type Connector (2-Positions)
  • Tow Bar (Requires PIN TYPE CONNECTOR)
  • Zephir AAR with remote actuation
  • Zephir AAR – Long Type Coupler Adapter
  • Various mechanical-type transit coupler adapters are available
  • Hydraulic Slide (Adjust Coupler Height up/down)
  • LED Working Lights (2)
  • Distance proximity sensors with acoustic function (rail mode)
  • Rubber buffers
  • Photocell safety barrier – automatically stops machine in defined positions
  • Rail track short-circulating signaling system
  • Service Tools
  • INTERLOCK SYSTEM for Under wheel Lathe (Requires Hetronic™ Remote Control)


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