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For Class 1 Rail, workplace safety is job one. Trackmobile provides equipment that not only offers solutions to obstructions to visibility, short crew situations, and emergency equipment, but is designed for efficient operation that is easy on the budget and staff.

Safety Equipment Available:

  • Patent Pending Safe-T-Vue™ Camera & Railing System
  • Remote Control System – 900MHz with NO FCC license required
  • Ground Control System (GCS) emergency remote ground crew shutdown
  • Patented Onboard Train Air Indicator
  • Additional Operator Jumpseat
  • Enhanced LED lighting and work lights
  • Telematics System for remote access and diagnostics
  • Vigilance control (Designed in compliance with the Alberta Industrial Railway Regulations)
  • LED strobe lights on all 4 sides (standard)
  • Spark arrestors
  • Safety gates
  • Warble and visible warning alarms

Trackmobile’s agility and reliability speeds railyard switching by handling challenging curves of 30® without hesitation, shorter warm-up times, little to no idle time required during operation, and lower maintenance downtime requirements. Its bimodal capabilities open a wide range of mobility within railyards and in sidings, allowing more movement in less space over shorter periods of time.

Beyond the railyard, Trackmobile’s can alleviate delays during railcar deliveries by helping to manage the in-plant movement with confidence. With durable and reliable Trackmobiles, Railroads can concentrate on performance and on-time delivery. Trackmobiles enable rail shippers to switch their own railcars. This helps eliminate complications affiliated with operational delays and unforeseen emergency needs – clearing the way for Railroad’s to deliver on the open rails!


Delivering commodities and carrying traffic into and from mainline railways, short line rail operators provide a vital service to regional and remote markets.

Trackmobile is an eficient solution to railcar delivery that helps keep trains in motion. The addition of our bi-modal capabilities and less frequent and less costly maintenance makes Trackmobile the perfect option to fill the gap during plant deliveries.

Class 1 and Short Line Rail operators can count on Trackmobile railcar movers to:

  • Avoid scheduling delays
  • Increase efficiency through single drops per siding
  • Speeds time to market on long hauls

Reduce Operational Delays

  • Avoid bottlenecks in tight and/or busy locations
  • Increases market coverage
  • Provide flexibility to reliably deliver when required

Reduce Cost of Operation

  • Lower capital requirements on equipment cost
  • Decrease component part costs
  • Eliminate demurrage charges
  • Reduce payroll costs
  • Minimize maintenance costs vs. locomotive

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • On time deliveries
  • Door to door capabilities
  • Bi-modal capabilities

Trackmobiles are available with environmentally friendly Tier 4 Cummins engines that meet and exceed environmental regulations.





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