LOK E 5.5 E -MPV

The MPV E is a multi-purpose vehicle with a full cab, two side doors, guide wheel system, and two electric motors.  The versatile flatbed behind the operator’s cab can be fitted with numerous available options including; bedsides for hauling, a crane, and toolbox for maintenance operations.

The LOK E 5.5 MPV is perfect for maintenance of way operations with a maximum charging time of approximately 8 hours and a top speed of 13 MPH.

LOK E MPV Model Features:

  • Moves 5,850 – 8,100 lbf.
  • Full size cab with dual side-doors
  • Safe, easy to use, and operate
  • Operates on rail and road
  • Extremely environmentally friendly with zero emissions
  • Cabin heater as standard equipment
  • Low noise and onboard vibration
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • 2-Speed transmission
  • Includes UL/CSA and Plug Multi-Tension transformer

More details coming soon.

Click here for the 5.5 E PDF

  • Hetronic™ Remote Control
  • Hydraulic Slides for vertical coupler movement
  • Heavy Duty AAR Coupler -with Shock Absorber
  • Zephir AAR – Long Type Coupler Adapter
  • Various mechanical-type transit coupler adapters are available
  • LED Working Lights (2)
  • In-line cameras with full-color display for easy machine positioning on rail
  • Air Conditioning
  • Arctic Pack cold weather heater package
  • Air Blade System
  • Tandem railcar mover capability (pairing)
  • Pin Type Connector (2-Positions)
  • Tow Bar (Requires PIN TYPE CONNECTOR)
  • Onboard diesel generator (range extender)
  • Distance proximity sensors with acoustic function (rail mode)
  • Photocell safety barrier – automatically stops machine in defined positions
  • Rail track short-circulating signaling system
  • Passenger seat
  • Service Tools
  • Snow plow
  • Rotary Brush

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