The latest generation of electric railcar moving machines, equipped with full sized operator cabs and electric motors.

The LOK 10.90 E, 13.90 E, 16.150 E are distinguished by the presence of two electric 30 kW motors, one per axle, and the LOK 7.9 E has one 35 kW motor powered by two 930 Ah, 80V batteries.

These models are able to enter and exit the tracks and move quickly from one part of the plant to another, reducing operating costs and making the railcar material handling activities more efficient.

The LOK E product line is the perfect solution for applications requiring larger railcar consist movements while seeking zero emission technology.

LOK E Model Features:

  • Move loads from 15,750 to 29,250 lbf. (depending upon model)
  • Full size cab with rear access door with passenger seat capability
  • Full color operator display
  • Emergency braking system
  • Exterior emergency stop buttons
  • Heavy-duty, spring-loaded front and rear AAR type couplers with remote knuckle release
  • LED headlights, tail lights, step lights and work lights
  • Safe, easy to use, and operate
  • Operation on rail and road
  • Extremely environmentally friendly with zero emissions
  • Cabin heater as standard equipment
  • 54 CFM Train Air Compressor
  • Low noise and onboard vibration
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • LOK 10.90 E, 13.90 E, and 16.150 E have a 2-Speed transmission
  • RUD lifting eyes (lifting points for shipping color changing to indicate stress levels)
  • Includes UL/CSA certified Plug and Multi-Tension transformer

  • Hetronic™ Remote Control
  • Hydraulic Slides for vertical coupler movement
  • Heavy Duty AAR Coupler -with Shock Absorber
  • Zephir AAR – Long Type Coupler Adapter
  • Various mechanical-type transit coupler adapters are available
  • LED Working Lights (2)
  • In-line cameras with full-color display for easy machine positioning on rail
  • Air Conditioning
  • Arctic Pack cold weather heater package
  • Air Blade System
  • Tandem railcar mover capability (pairing)
  • Pin Type Connector (2-Positions)
  • Tow Bar (Requires PIN TYPE CONNECTOR)
  • Onboard diesel generator (range extender)
  • Distance proximity sensors with acoustic function (rail mode)
  • Photocell safety barrier – automatically stops machine in defined positions
  • Rail track short-circulating signaling system
  • Passenger seat
  • Service Tools
  • Snow plow
  • Rotary Brush

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