Why Overhaul?

Many products manufactured by companies today could be considered “disposable” or limited to one lifecycle. This is true of electronics, most furniture, and even automobiles.

However, this idea of disposable equipment is contrary to Trackmobile’s quality design and build standards. In fact, in most applications, the average Trackmobile core is expected to last upwards of 30 years. This means that the same machine may be rebuilt multiple times before it is finally ready to be scrapped. Often times, the reason a machine is scrapped after 25+ years is simply because some parts are no longer produced and comparable parts cannot be sourced.

If your company is not ready to make a large capital investment in purchasing a brand-new piece of equipment, then perhaps an overhaul of your current Trackmobile is right for you!

Who Overhauls?

  • Customers seeking overhauls come from all different industries
  • Industries dealing with corrosive materials or processes that cause rust
  • Customers with 24/7/365 operations that have high engine hours
  • Customers who keep their old Trackmobile and overhaul it as a backup unit

Rebuilding or Overhauling

Most of Trackmobile’s authorized distributors offer rebuild programs where customers may have their machine rebuilt at their local distributor location. These rebuilds vary greatly depending on the customer’s requirements as well as the capabilities of the distributor’s workshop. These rebuilds are often for machines from previous (non-current) generations of production. Examples of these rebuilds are Magnum series machines or earlier.

If you have a 2006 or newer Viking, Hercules, or Titan model Trackmobile that needs a rebuild, it may be rebuilt by the local distributor or you can send it back to Trackmobile’s Factory for an overhaul through this Overhaul Premier program.

The Customer Advantage

  • Increased resale value from the TOP program
  • Automatic replacement of parts that do not meet TRACKMOBILE’s strict quality guidelines
  • Trackmobile has the original line drawings and we do things independent mechanics and repair shops can’t
  • Trackmobile can examine every bolt, fitting, and hole tolerance to ensure proper specifications
  • We provide all Overhaul Premier machines with new parts pages. This means no guesswork for technicians, making future repairs faster with minimal downtime

Latest Technology

As time goes by, wiring often becomes brittle, damaged, or it may have even been “hacked-up” by a mechanic who may have meant well. Some used machines may look pretty, but if it was only “patched up” and has faulty wiring/electronics, it can be especially troubling for the customer.

These electrical related issues are a leading cause of machines becoming unreliable. After all, most everything is electrical and controlled by a computer now.

Technology changes and our machines evolve and become easier to manage, service, and maintain. When you overhaul your machine with Trackmobile, we ensure that all wiring harnesses and electrical components are replaced with new ones.

  • Whenever possible, machines are upgraded to the latest technology, features, and options that are available on today’s models
  • Optional Safe-T-Vue™, cameras, and telematics systems are available
  • Overhaul Premier ensures that all wiring harnesses and electrical components are replaced with new ones
  • In-display troubleshooting and diagnostics

Renewed Reliability

Your Trackmobile is critical to your operations and product moving capabilities.

You can rest assured that your machine’s reliability has been renewed.

Our stringent quality control processes ensure that the machine meets our exacting standards before it is ever released back to your site.



Overhaul Premier machines are held to the same exacting standards as any brand-new Trackmobile.

Our Overhaul Process

Please note: At this time, Trackmobile Overhaul Premier is only accepting Viking, Hercules, Titan and Atlas machine models.

No matter which package you choose, you can count on the Trackmobile Overhaul Premier program to be thorough. Every machine is completely stripped down to its frame for inspection, and Trackmobile’s factory technicians make a complete assessment of which parts need to be repaired or replaced.

Wear items that still have 50% of their useful life remaining, or, for the Platinum package, 75% remaining may be reused. Any machine component that falls below that threshold will be repaired or replaced as needed.

Any outdated electrical components will be upgraded, with Platinum package machines being brought up to the newest system.

During reassembly, the new parts will be added as the machine is fully reconstructed and made ready for repainting. By this point, every element of the machine has been refinished or rebuilt from the frame up, restored to full functionality.

A new coat of paint and fresh decals will complete the overhaul process, but the machine isn’t finished yet.

Our quality team will put the overhauled machine through its paces, ensuring that it meets the same quality standard as any new Trackmobile.

Once everything has been completely certified for quality assurance, the machine line sheets will be fully updated to reflect the new build, with all changes documented. Accurate line sheets mean more accurate repairs down the line. Finally, the overhauled machine will be put back into service at your location, in like-new or new condition, fully equipped for plenty more years of service to come.

The Overhaul Levels

During the first stage of the overhaul process, where we visit your site and assess your machine, we ask that the customer choose their desired Overhaul Package. Trackmobile offers two different Overhaul Packages:



“Like new” isn’t just a saying – we guarantee that your

Overhaul Premier machine has an entirely new lifespan.

Package Features Overview Comparison

For a more detailed comparison of the Overhaul Premier Packages, click here.


Our Standard Warranty Guarantee

The Gold package comes with a factory warranty* for 6 months/1,000 hours, whichever occurs first.

The Platinum package comes with a factory warranty* for 1 year/2,000 hours, whichever occurs first.


*Please refer to our warranty policy for details.




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