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What is the Remote Control System?

The Remote Control System is a radio-operated remote control used to operate your Trackmobile from a distance. The system consists of a compact receiver and a lightweight transmitter equipped with a long-life battery. To avoid reducing any visibility, the receiver is located entirely inside the cab’s instrument panel. Exclusive to Trackmobile, the transmitter has a numeric display that represents the train air flow which helps operators determine when the train air brakes are fully charged.

The system comes preloaded with many features for safety and usefulness, including:

  • Both MAX-Tran & MAX-Trac options
  • Emergency Stop Buttons (2) reachable by ground crews
  • Handrail mounted status indicators Train Air Brake Pipe pressure and transmission gear position
  • Safety tilt switch with a 3-second audible warning alarm.

Why is it useful?

The Remote Control System takes the fatigue out of long workdays. Trackmobile’s transmitters are ergonomically designed, and the controls are carefully sized and positioned to be as convenient as possible to support heavy usage for many hours. Automatic frequency hopping allows continuous operation free from interference. This is particularly helpful when working in challenging environments with multiple railcar material handling activities occurring that may have various different radio systems running simultaneously.

Is it safe?

Absolutely, with our Work Area Alert System. When the operator energizes the transmitter, amber warning lights mounted on all four sides of the cab and body frame railings illuminate. This serves as a warning to anyone in the rail area that the Trackmobile unit is about to move under radio control. It also informs the operator that positive communication between the transmitter and receiver has been established. A decal on the transmitter reminds the remote operator to sound the air horn before moving. When forward or reverse is selected, amber warning lights begin to flash to alert all ground personnel. Along with the Remote Control operator’s manual, the customer receives 1) four high-visibility caution signs to display in the railway work area advising of a railcar moving vehicle is operating under radio control and 2) a brightly colored safety vest which operators are encouraged to wear whenever operating the Remote Control System.

How does the Remote Control System work?

There are three levers at the top of the transmitter. The leftmost lever applies or releases the train brake, depending on the direction it is toggled. The middle lever similarly applies or releases the Trackmobile’s Service Brake. The rightmost lever is the throttle, controlling the speed of the Trackmobile.

Beneath these levers, there are ten toggle switches and three buttons. The outermost toggle switches on each side of the top row control the couplers. For the rear and front couplers there is a switch for the coupler knuckle release, left/right movement, and up/down movement. In the center of the top row, there is a switch for gear selection and direction of travel. The bottom row hosts an Air Bell or Warble Alarm on/off switch, a start/stop switch, a power button that doubles as the horn once the transmitter link is established, and a sander button that releases sand onto the rails for traction assistance. In the middle is a large red emergency stop (E-Stop) button.


How does the Remote Control System compare to the Ground Control System (GCS)?

Remote Control is used by an operator who leaves the cab and operates the Trackmobile unit from the ground with no one in the cab.

GCS is used by a ground crew member either when the railcar mover operator remains in the cab while working with the ground person or as a supplemental safety device for a ground crew member when the railcar mover operator is using the Remote Control to operate the Trackmobile.

Each system has its own transmitter and receiver and can be installed with or without the other. For more information on GCS, visit

Remote Control System features

Control and indication functions include:

  • Remote Control E-Stop
    • Railcar Train Air Brakes, Emergency
    • Railcar Train Air Brakes, Graduated
  • Service Brakes
  • Transmission functions
  • MAX-Tran – weight transfer monitor
  • MAX-Trax – traction control and ABS system
  • Air Horn
  • Sander application
  • Coupler functions
  • Warble Alarm or Bell
  • Train Air Flow Indication (CFM)

Radio Control Technology

For smooth operation of the Trackmobile railcar mover without interruption, automatic frequency hopping allows continuous operation free from interference. This is especially helpful when working in challenging environments where many different radio systems are running simultaneously.

  • Spread Spectrum frequency-hopping technology eliminates interference 50 times per second
  • 902-928 MHz processor – 900 MHz transmitter and receiver
  • 110-120VAC power supply capable
  • Operation range of 2500 ft (762m) line of sight
  • No FCC License Required

For information regarding the Remote Control or GCS Systems, download this pdf of our brochure.

Standard system includes:

  • Radio Transmitter (Remote Control)
  • Radio Receiver (Mounted in the Cab)
  • Raido Antenna (Mounted on the roof of the cab)
  • Exterior Mounted Signal Lights
  • Two Exterior Mounted Emergency Stop Buttons
  • MAX-Tran option
  • Charger/Power Supply 110 VAC or 12VDC
  • Train Air Indicator with flow meter
  • Train Air Feedback
  • Two 8 hour Batteries
  • Harness Strap
  • MAX-Trac option

Optional Equipment Includes:

  • Extended Ranged Transmitter Antenna
  • Extended Range Receiver Antenna
  • Temporary Engine Stop/Start




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