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Reduced Operator Fatigue

Designed for strength, it’s the technology that keeps Trackmobile ahead of the curve. Safety is our first priority. Our safety, combined with automation and powerful performance, results in operators who are comfortable and productive during long shifts. With fatigue reduced, operators focus more on the job at hand, resulting in improved productivity and increased workplace safety.

Operator focused features:

  • Ergonomic air ride, 180 degree swivel seat
  • Fingertip joystick and armrest controls
  • Onboard train air controls
  • Simple operation with little to no learning curve


Trackmobile understands the impact safety has on how operations run. Today’s Trackmobile railcar movers are specifically designed with unique, often patent pending, safety technologies and made for the rail environment. The 360 degree view from inside the cab is enhanced by a new patent pending surround view camera system that eliminates blind spots around the product and at the railcars. This system also includes a proprietary railing display that increases an operator’s ability to identify obstacles and ground crew, as well as mount the rail quickly and easily.

For maximum visibility, more than 16 standard front, rear, and lateral LED work lights are available to illuminate roadbed, road/rail ahead, and behind. Reducing accident risks and saving lives, an optional remote control features an engine stop and start function that alerts ground personnel of moving machinery and immediately cuts off power in critical situations. In the event of an accident, an onboard Impact recorder maintains a log of events with a downloadable event history.

Trackmobile provides equipment that not only offers solutions to obstructions to visibility, short crew situations, and emergency equipment, but is designed for efficient operation that is easy on the budget and staff.

Trackmobile is an ISO 9001 certified organization that maintains an environment of continual improvement through process and innovation. We are continually researching for new and better ways to improve operational safety and ease of use.

Trackmobile offers advanced safety technology in these options:

Find your local distributor here today, to see how Trackmobile can help take the risk out of railcar movement at your facility.




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