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This 35,000 BTU headliner unit with 410 CFM is designed with dual air blower and high capacity coil that keeps the cab cool, even in the hottest working conditions. Designed with a low profile to maximize cab headroom, the unit offers a dual three speed blower motor with an adjustable thermostat and six 3.5” directional round louvres to direct airflow. This unit is constructed with heavy duty metal and includes a removable cover for easy access to the washable filter, offering years of reliable service. Measures 5” high by 35.5” wide and 14.75” deep with 24 amps @ 13.6 VDC draw.

  • 35,000 BTUs with 410 CFM optimizes cooling capacity within cab
  • Dual three speed blower motor with removable, washable filter
  • Low profile for maximum headroom





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