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Direct mount system records the day to day operation of the Trackmobile for management records and review. The system includes up to 4 video channels with audio, PC playback software, and 32GB to 256 GB memory capability. The DVR’s SD memory cards can be read by the software for playback of recorded trips including tracking using Google Maps. “Bookmarks”, or events marked by an operator’s push-button, can be accessed directly. Using the software, video clips or snapshots can be exported for distribution and archiving. SD cards in the DVR are protected by a locking door and video files are encrypted for security. The PC playback software can be password protected to read the encrypted files and to edit or save the videos. Dual 12 or 24 V system voltage capability. Includes one 32GB SD card.

  • Provides support for crew movement and activity
  • Offers visual training aids for new operators
  • Documents events for management records





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