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Trac – Grip has been specifically formulated for use with Trackmobile machines, featuring rough, shard-like granules that provide improved traction with less roll than round granules. Fully compatible with all current and older Trackmobile machines and hoppers, Trac – Grip provides the best traction compound available for the Trackmobile’s 8 sanders to dispense at the push of a button as needed. Once pressed, Trac – Grip is dispersed to the front or rear of the railwheels depending upon the direction of travel selected. Or if the MAX-Trac “Auto-Sand” option is installed and enabled, the MAX-Trac system will automatically detect any wheel slippage, activating the sanders to automatically disperse in each subsequent direction.

Recommended for daily use as needed, Trac – Grip takes the bite out of rainy days and wintery weather. So, don’t be caught unprepared for the fall and winter weather; keep Trac – Grip in stock all year round! Trac – Grip compound is available in drums, containing 450-500 pounds of product per drum. Trac – Grip is the only Trackmobile authorized and recommended traction control compound in the market. Ask for Tac-Grip Refill Drum # 1079225.

To make refilling Trackmobile sanders a breeze, purchase and use the Trac – Grip Hopper Kit #1097281.  Using a forklift, simply slide the forks into the perfectly aligned tracks, lift slightly above each box, place the filling tube into the box and let gravity fill each box. The Trac – Grip traction control compound and hopper are compatible with all current and older Trackmobiles.

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