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Can you afford anything less than a Trackmobile?

The answer is clear, regardless if you are in operations, procurement finance, safety, or general management. Trackmobile delivers higher operational efficiency, lower maintenance costs, longer service life, greater safety and comfort with a market-leading total cost of ownership that can break even in as little as one and a half years*.

Staying competitive in today’s business environment is critical to success. Therefore, a life cycle perspective on business investments allows you to make decisions based on the best opportunities for improved competitiveness.

Trackmobiles deliver greater uptime and provide businesses the opportunity to reduce operational costs and improve productivity. Our extensive experience designing railcar moving machines for use in demanding working conditions has led to the highest quality products in the market. You can trust that a Trackmobile will deliver when you need it most!

We understand that our customers need flexibility in their rail operations, and versatility is a must. Switching from road to track to road is as easy as pushing a button in a Trackmobile. Servicing a wide variety of industries, Trackmobiles can be customized to fit most any customer needs.

For ease of maintenance and serviceability, purposeful designs refined over decades have positioned all service components and adjustment areas within readily accessible

 locations for fast maintenance. Likewise, all components used in the drive system have been designed for long life and are easily maintained and serviced. Equipped with industry leading diagnostic and telematics systems, Trackmobile improves your business’s uptime and is supported by top service experts operating in your local area.

At Trackmobile, we believe there can be no shortcuts on safety, because every employee deserves to go home at the end of the day. That’s why every new Trackmobile sold comes with rail safety training from a leading industry expert, and the industry’s first 360 degree camera. This patent pending system eliminates blind spots around the unit, and makes putting the Trackmobile on the rail easier than ever.

Trackmobile offers industry leading total cost of ownership through lower maintenance costs, increased uptime, greater operational efficiency, and longer lifetime expectancy.

*As reported by new customers utilizing short line service. Actual savings may vary depending on industry, work environment, and level of usage.

Find out how Trackmobile is serving your industries needs here.

Unparalleled Service and Support

Our distribution network provides the most experienced sales and service staff in the industry. Many of our distributors have been working with railcar movers, specifically Trackmobile, since the early 1950’s.

Trackmobile distributors help keep your business on track by conducting site assessments, identifying the right machine for your operations as well as providing knowledgeable ongoing support after the installation. Unsurpassed Trackmobile dependability and customer service support have resulted in our customers reporting up to 99.7% operational efficiency.


Your Business + Our Dealers + Trackmobile Customer Service = A Winning Team

Trackmobile’s design philosophy is to build the best machines that efficiently and safely move our customer’s railcars.

Trackmobiles, like locomotives, use steel wheels for traction on the rail.

  • Steel wheels have flanges to keep them on the track.
  • Steel wheels can retain their rated traction on wet rails.
  • Rubber tires lose as much as 40% of their rated traction on wet rail.
  • A flat tire will not take a Trackmobile out of service.
  • Trackmobile’s weight transfer system adds 100% more weight ONTO the Trackmobile rail wheels to keep the machine on the track.
  • The steel guide wheels on a rubber tire driven railcar mover transfers 10% to 20% of the machine weight OFF of the rubber drive tires and onto the flanged steel guide wheels that keep them on the track.
  • Rubber tire railcar movers have 10% to 20% of machine weight keeping them on the track.
  • Trackmobiles have 200% of their weight keeping them on track.
  • The steel tread on steel rail wheels is designed to concentrate the weight of the vehicle on a 2-1/2″ rail head
  • The 10 to 12 inch tread on a rubber tire is not designed to concentrate the weight of a vehicle on a 2-1/2″ portion of its tread




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