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Designed for use in all environments, Trackmobile products perform best when the weather is at its worst. Specifically designed to use weight transfer to bear the burden of heavy loads, our lower weight reduces powertrain and structural stress that enables Trackmobiles to work smarter, not harder. This keeps operational costs low and productivity high.


Trackmobiles utilize steel wheels proven to provide the most consistent form of tractive effort as well as weight transfer technology with a simple hydraulic system that safely raises and transfers weight from railcars for added tractive effort as needed. Trackmobile offers the most efficient means of railcar movement in the industry.


Engineered with an industry leading coupler beam and a shorter wheel base, Trackmobile gives operators more stress-free management of curves, while lessening the wear and tear on equipment and rail infrastructure. For extremely sharp curves and/or long cars, Trackmobile offers an optional extended wide traverse coupler that extends the coupler base an additional 6” and increases traverse 22.5” to 35” [571.5 to 889 mm] for additional help in negotiating sharp curves and moving long cars.




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