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Come rain or shine, Trackmobile still provides the most consistent traction on the rails. That’s why after nearly 70 years, we’re still the number one choice in railcar movement.

Here’s what others are saying:

“The Trackmobile is basically the key to our operation. Without it, we can’t work or move the volume we need to move that day. If our equipment doesn’t work and we’re down, it’s a significant loss.”

– Brad Ross,
Logistics Manager, Abengoa Bioenerg

“Our downtime has been very minimal. I’ve been here 6 years and we probably lost about 5 hours on the Titan. The Titan has gone over its expectations.”

– Rod Cochran,
Logistics Operator, Abengoa Bioenergy

“Our partners that we deal with everyday are the oil and gas business. If we have any type of glitch that stops that flow, it will shut down the entire gas plant. Rail is 100% in this plant. We are very happy with Trackmobile and have been happy with them all along. We decided on the Titan, to continue our success.”

– Dave Puddell,
Plant Superintendent, Enersul

“The Titan is not only a muscle machine, but it has all the options from easy ride, automatic sanding systems, traction controls; the machine has just excelled to that next level that just makes it so much easier for our operators to run it.”

“The Titan has given us all the pulling capacity for what we need to do.”

– Dave Puddell,
Plant Superintendent, Enersul

“It’s a newer piece of equipment and is really easy to operate. It doesn’t take much [to operate it]. All the upgrades they’ve done, has made life a lot easier. It does everything we need it to do. I would recommend a Trackmobile
to anybody.”

– Wayne Crawford,
Shift Foreman, Enersul

“Our track have a really high grade to them, especially when you have to spot these cars because you have to go down so far. You really need everything to be working for pulling them in and putting them back down.”

– Wayne Crawford,
Shift Foreman, Enersul

“The Titan has given us all the pulling capacity for what we need to do. The Trackmobile’s track record has always been proven to us, so there is no reason I would deviate. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

– Dave Puddell,
Plant Superintendent, Enersul

“We have a deadline once our rail arrives, to be completed loading the train within 48 hours. We cannot have anything that can hinder us from getting that accomplishment done. The unit has performed exactly as we expected it to do. We are very happy.”

– Dave Puddell,
Plant Superintendent, Enersul




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